World History Homework Three Answers - Student 1

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World History Homework

Karl F.

1. There were only two Chinese Empires mentioned in the lecture with both the name of the ruler and the dates of its ruling. The first was the Han Empire ruled by Shih huang-ti. And it lasted four hundred years until A.D. 220. The second was the first imperial or national Chinese Empire ruled by Prince Zheng, and lasted from 221-206 B.C.


2. There were two major Indian Empires. The first was the Mauryan Empire ruled by Chandragupta Mauryan. And it lasted from 322-185 B.C. The second Empire was the Gupta Empire ruled by Chandra Gupta from A.D. 320-467.

Concise, good answer.

3. The object pictured is the symbol for Taoism which was an ancient Chinese religion. It is called the Taijitu or "Yin and Yang." It represents a constant interaction in nature between two forces having opposite qualities.

Could explain it further. The answer is correct but incomplete. (Minus 1).

4. Hinduism is the main religion practiced in India. It states that there are multiple Gods who are thought to be part of one major God. It believes in reincarnation and believes that there are more than one way to attain salvation. Hinduism is a very popular religion consisting of about nine hundred million followers mostly found in India. It also has a very powerful influence in India and other parts of the country. If someone comes to there land to try to convert them to a different religion, they will simply state that the persons God is also one of the many Gods that they worship. They are very tolerant and I believe that the fact that they accept other Gods from other religions helps them attain more followers.

Excellent answer.
Grade: 39/40. Well done, and congratulations on being the first to complete this week's homework!--Andy Schlafly 14:31, 27 September 2011 (EDT)