World History Homework Three Answers - Student 14

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1. Shang Dynasty(1766 -1122 B.C)leader: T'ang. Zhou dynasty(1027- 221 B.C) leader: Sun Tzu, Ch'in dynasty (221-206 B.C) leader: Prince Zheng, Han dynasty(206 B.C to A.D 220) leaders: Liu bang, Empress Lu, and Han wudi.


3. this is the symbol for taoism or the Tajitu or " Yin and Yang". Yin is the dark side and represents negative and feminine. Yang is the light side and symbolizes positive and masculine. The symbol shows the effort to put these two warring forces together as one.

Superb explanation.

4. I think Hinduism is possibly one of the most interesting religions discussed in the lecture. this religion is remarkable for the way it has held together for so many years against Islam. The way it is set up makes it difficult to convert Hindus and because of that it has a large following. another reason that it is so high on the list of religions is because it is the dominant religion in India which is the most densely populated country in the world, in fact nearly all Hindus either live in India or were originally from India.


5.the Chinese inventions are all quite remarkable, paper, the compass and gun powder. I think of these three the compass is the most important. while one might argue gunpowder I disagree,in Boy scouts I have used the compass quite a lot and it is one of the most useful and fascinating tools ever invented. Without the compass America would never have been found and even if it had it would never have been properly mapped. Men at sea would be easily lost, and many other beautiful places may have never have been explored if not for the compass.

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