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Maddie N. == p1. List the major ancient empires of China, including the time periods and major leaders.

The Hsia dynasty (we are not sure when it started) -1766B.C. Chieh The Shang dynasty 1766.-1027B.C. T'ang The Chou (Zhou) Dynasty 1027-221B.C. Prince Zheng The Han dynasty 202B.C. - A.D.220 Han Wudi


2. List the major ancient empires of India, including the time periods and major leaders.

There were two major Indian empires. First, the Mauryan Empire, which lasted from 322-185 B.C. It was also the largest Indian empire. Chandragupta Mauryan ruled the Mauryan Empire.

The other major empire was the Gupta Empire; it lasted from A.D. 320-467, and was ruled by Chandra Gupta.


3. Explain what this is:

The ying and yang is an ancient Chinese symbol of the light and dark forces of nature, which is known as Taoism. There has to be some light in the dark and some dark in the light. It shows the world is in balance.

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6. Write an essay of 150 words or more on any topic related to this week's lecture, or enter three key terms in the Study Guide with descriptions.

I added three terms to the study guide:

Terracotta army

Qin Shia Huandgi


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