World History Homework Three Answers - Student Twelve

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1. Which do you like better, classical India or China, and why?

I really like the richness of the ancient Indian culture. There seemed to be a real focus on understanding the meaning of life. It is too bad that the American culture seems not to care what life’s meaning really is. I respect Ancient India for trying to discover what life is really about, even though they ended up being quite off.

Excellent answer, with a good insight about inquiring into life's meaning.

2. What advantage did Buddhism have over Hinduism in converting people outside of India?'

Buddhism did not have such strict morals. People who were not from India were more drawn to Buddhism because they didn’t have to make as many sacrifices to convert.

Easier standards can often be more popular! That doesn't make it right, of course. Superb answer.

3. Explain what this is:

This is a symbol that explains the Chinese religion of Taoism. The basic concept of Taoism is that opposites complement each other. The negative complements that positive; the feminine complements the masculine. So the goal of Taoism is to harmonize opposite forces.


4. What aspect or aspects of Hinduism have enabled it to survive for so long?

Hinduism has survived for so long because it can adapt to changing cultures. I think that Hinduism’s ability to change shows how flawed it really is. Why should anyone follow a religion that changes based on the popular opinion? Nevertheless, Hinduism still thrives to this day.

Good analysis.

5. Describe and explain one or more of your favorite insights by Sun Tzu.

“To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands…”

That statement is very insightful. It is not smart to rely on the enemy’s mistakes to win a fight.

And it is particularly important not to base defensive strategies on hope for mistakes by the enemy! Good answer.

6. H3. How do you think the major belief systems of today, as ranked in the lecture, will rank in 100 years?

The Anti- Religious view will slowly creep up the list. As the world’s morals go down, the desire for religion goes down. I have personally talked to people who have rejected religion because it did not align with how they wanted to live.

Excellent, using as the model answer.

7. H4. Describe what you think was the greatest contribution to the world by classical India or China.

The Chinese invention of the compass was one of the most significant inventions in history. Without the knowledge of how to tell direction, exploring would have been impossible.

Superb insight.
Perfect answers! 70/70. (I graded this before but somehow my grading was lost, and I didn't mind gradijng this superb homework again!)