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Aran M.

1. List, by order of influence, who you think were the five most influential persons in all of world history.

I think the five most influential people in world history were as follows: 1. Jesus Christ – for founding the Christian religion. 2. Mohammed – for founding the Islamic religion. 3. Adam Smith – although capitalism formed gradually Adam Smith may be cited as its founder. 4. Karl Marx – the founder of communism. 5. Albert Einstein – for his discovery of quantum mechanics.

Good list with explanations ... except Albert Einstein did not discover quantum mechanics. In fact, Einstein refused to accept the basic principles of quantum mechanics. (Minus 1)

2. List, by order of influence, what you think were the five most influential "breakthroughs" or ideas in all of world history.

This answer may be similar to my answer from question one, but I believe the five most influential ideas in world history are as follows: 1. The Christian religion – for saving souls of millions and counting, from the wrath of God and for writing down a set of base values. 2. The religion of Islam – this idea is influential in a negative way, but is influential still as this religion forcibly spreads . 3. Capitalism – for setting the foundation of America and many other powerful countries. 4. Communism – like Islam this form of government is forcibly spread using the uneducated common mob to promote itself. 5. Quantum mechanics – this breakthrough led to the discovery of transistors which are the basis for all modern of computing devices.

Excellent selection of influential ideas, with good reasons to support your opinion.

3. Compare and contrast World War II to World War I, focusing on their causes and effects rather than specific battles.

World War I and World War II have two very different causes. World War 1 was caused by the many secret alliances of European powers thus making a small conflict explode into a world war. World War 1, I would describe as a very accidental war as it was started as a small conflict and then many larger uninvolved countries got sucked in to defend their allies. World War 2 began with the rise of the aggressive Nazi party in Germany and was driven by the cruelty of the Treaty of Versailles and the belief in a master race of Aryans. World War II in the Pacific began simply by the current, at the time, imperialistic nature of Japan.

Superb answer. Note that "World War 2" is usually written as "World War II," or simply as "WW II".

4. Add three terms and descriptions (five for credit for two questions) to the Study Guide.

5. Write an essay of at least 200 words on any aspect of world history.

6. Describe the role played by cryptology in World War II, including discussion of the "Enigma".

The most interesting aspect of cryptology in World War 2, I believe, were the American codes in the Pacific. To communicate in the Pacific, Marine Corps divisions used native Navajo translators to relay messages. This code was never broken by the Japanese, as all the native Navajo Indians were currently living in the United States. The German enigma machine was one of the greatest encrypting devices and World War II. The enigma machine worked by letter substitution with the twist that each letter was encrypted with a different substitution in a preset order. This is what made the enigma machine so difficult crack. The enigma machine also had the ability to change codes with a simple turning of a dial, so unless you had a machine and knew what settings to put on for each day, the code would still be unbreakable.

Very good analysis and explanation.

7. Does history repeat itself? Explain, with some examples.

8. After taking this course, what do you think about world history helps predict the future? Include a specific example.

9. Who was right, President Truman or General Douglas MacArthur? Explain.

10. Discuss any issue or controversy related to World War II.

An aspect of World War II that I find very interesting are the secret research and development programs of Nazi Germany. Nazi Germany had many very interesting secret programs such as the successful rocket program and jet fighter program, the flying saucer and flying Bell programs, the jet pack program, the flying wing program and the development of an atomic bomb. Only a few of these programs were ever successful. After the war America shipped many of Nazis Germany's scientists back to the states to continue their research in secret US military bases.

In the 1950s, alleged “UFO” sightings were common across the states. This is very interesting as many of the photographed UFOs resembled one of three objects: a flying saucer, a flying wing and even a flying bell. This leads me to think that the US military continued Nazi's antigravity research programs after 1945 and are still working on them to this day.

Doubt it, but many others probably do wonder if government programs played a role in some alleged UFO sightings!
Grade: 50/50. Excellent conclusion to the written homeworks for the course.--Andy Schlafly 18:39, 12 December 2011 (EST)