World History Homework Twelve Answers - Student Five

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Jenna N.

1.World War II: when, where, who and why? Explain.

The roots of WWII began in Germany in 1933. Adolf Hitler used the unfairness of the Treaty of Versailles to get the German people to back him up so that he could try to conquer the world. The war was not in full swing until the middle of the 1940 and slowly most of Europe was involved as well as Japan, The United States and the Soviet Union.

Good, could mention the end date (1945).

2. Compare and contrast communism and fascism, with at least two examples of how they are similar and two examples of how they differ.

Facism and Communism are very different, but they do have some things in common. For example, both used a dictatorship and did not believe in individual freedom. But Communism hated wealth while facism encouraged it and Communism sought a worldwide revolution while facism simple wanted their country to rule over the rest of the world.

Excellent, but note spelling correction: "fascism", not "facism".

3. Why do you think Hitler and his supporters killed so many people? Explain.

Hitler and his supporters were able to kill people because they lost their consciences. Slowly, the still small voice that was showing them what was right and what was wrong faded until it was practically nonexistent.

Good insight. Or maybe they knew they were doing what was wrong, and yet wanted to do it anyway. Real evil does exist, unfortunately.

4. Discuss the effect of communism spreading to China.

Communism built China into a very powerful nation. Before communism, China did not have a very solid government. From the outside it would look like communism helped China. But although the government grew stronger through communism the people suffered from it.

Your last sentence describes it well: the government grew stronger, but at the expense of the people.

5. Describe any aspect of the Cold War or the Korean War or the Spanish Civil War (with reference to Orwell, if you like).

The Cold War began right as WWII ended. It was hostility between communism and capitalism. I think that this war was one of the scariest in history. Civilians had a constant fear hanging over their heads that a nuclear war would erupt at any minute.

True. Many had bomb shelters and provisions in case of nuclear attack.

6. How did technological advances or insights help the Allied forces? Be specific.

Technological advances helped the Allies win the war. General George Patton was incredible at maneuvering tanks at lightening speed. With out his technological talent, the Allies may have never won the war.

Superb point about Patton. May use as a model.

7. Should the United States have entered World War II in Europe? Discuss.

The United Stated did the right thing by entering WWII. The United States should have entered sooner because if they had, they would have had the element of surprise to help them.

Excellent point about the possibility of the element of surprise. But Congress must declare war according to the Constitution, so I wonder if we ever could start or enter a war by surprise. Interesting ....
Terrific answers: 70/70. Well done!--Andy Schlafly 23:28, 2 May 2009 (EDT)