World History Homework Twelve Answers - Student Nineteen

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World History Homework 12


1. WWII started to rise when Germany and China started to play off of others fears. It officially began in 1939. It ended the day after the dropping of the atomic bomb by the US on August 10th 1945. The battles took place all over Europe and even in Asia. The war consisted of the Axis (Germany, Japan, and Italy) vs. the Allied forces Great Britain and its colonies (commonwealth), the nations of Australia, Canada and New Zealand, France and its colonies, and potentially the United States and the Soviet Union.

You mean Japan, not China. Rest is excellent and may use as a model.

2. Communism and fascism are similar in the way that the leaders say, we have to stick together were all in it together. Both of them eventually turn out to be a very corrupt way of government. In Communism everything and everyone is equal except the leaders. In fascism there are different levels of people. Communism has everyone obeying one person forcefully where fascism just gets everyone going about something so that the people will stand behind the person who is going to make a change.


3. Hitler killed so many people because he knew if he got to many people saying things against him, his rallies and the promotion he was putting his money into would be worth nothing because the people couldn’t be convinced.

"got too", not "got to". Otherwise OK, though I think there was more to this than what you mention.

4. The fall to communism in china really brought down its economy after the US put it back on its feet after WWII.


5. During the Korean War, the US made one big mistake firing General Douglas MacArthur. He turned our lose into a win. But in doing that he went against the president and took a risky turn for the war.

Good, may use as a model (after fixing "lose" -> "loss")

6. The advances of our technology helped the war majorly because we were then able to decrypt the Enigma so that we could know what the Germans were going to do and the technology helped us greatly to build the Atomic bomb.


7. Yes. The US. Made a good call in going into the war. If we had not, Germany and Japan might have controlled all of Europe even to this day.


Honors Questions

H2. The Enigma was a portable machine that the Germans used to decrypt message and encrypt messages to and from each other. The great technology helped the Germans to keep their orders secret even if someone else heard saw them.

Secret ... until someone broke the code, as the Polish mathematicians did.

H3. Yes. It was the right thing to do. Even though Great Britain lost thousands of people in that bombing run, Germany still would not know that they had cracked their code. If Great Britain had prepared for the attack with anti-air guns then the Germans would most likely have figured it out very soon that there code was not safe.

Good analysis.

H6. General Douglas MacArthur was right in disobeying the orders not to do the daring flanking maneuver. Even though he probably knew he would get in trouble with the President, he rather would have saved soldiers lives and won the war.

Superb. May use as model.
Good insights. Nice finish to the course: 100/100. Well done!--Andy Schlafly 19:33, 6 May 2009 (EDT)