World History Homework Twelve Answers - Student Seven

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1. World War II: when, where, who and why? Explain. When: World War II started in 1931. Where: in Japan when it was invaded by Manchuria. Who: by the Manchuria's. Why: There were two sides - those who idolized Hitler and his brutal sadistic views and encouraged them, and those who saw the lies behind his seemingly savior to the world front. So World War II happened because the people who saw the truth refused to sit back and be taken over by a completely morally corrupted man, so they went to war to fight for their beliefs.

1931 is too early for the start, and Japan invaded Manchuria, not vice-versa. Also, need an end date for the war, and more discussion of who was on each side. (Minus 1).

2. Compare and contrast communism and fascism, with at least two examples of how they are similar and two examples of how they differ. Fascism is defined as a political philosophy that elevates the nation and its ethnicity above the individual, and uses a dictator to impose economic and social regimentation and control. Communism, on the other hand seeks a worldwide revolution that would abolish national identity. Two ways they are similar is 1) they are both based off of all power in the hands of one dictator, and 2) both fascism and communism take away all freedoms of the people. Two reasons they differ are 1) communism is the desire for a worldwide revolution, whereas fascism seeks to advance their country over the rest of the world.

Excellent, but missing a second example of how they differ. (Minus 1).

3. Why do you think Hitler and his supporters killed so many people? Explain. I think Hitler and his supporters killed so many people because Hitler was a sadistic man with no values or morals whatsoever. He fell so deep into his own lies that he was brutally termination millions upon millions of people, all because he was so adamantly passionate about his values. It really comes down to his strict belief in the lies of evolution - his race was the best, and all other races were inferior. therefore he took it upon himself to cleanse the world of inferior races, one of those being the Jews. Therefore he killed millions and millions of Jews because he believed them to be inferior to himself.

Good analysis of Hitler's wrong views and how much harm it caused.

4. Discuss the effect of communism spreading to China. The effects of Communism spreading to China were devastating. Communistic ruler Mao seized property and distributed it to peasants, and made a policy of forcing peasants to work on collective farms from 1952 to 1957. Women were treated like men. He established large collective farms composed of 25,000 people working on thousands of acres per farm, which prohibited private possessions with everyone lived in communal housing. Because of this, people worked less with no incentive because private property was not allowed, and thus a great famine resulted and nearly 30 million Chinese died. Then Mao implemented the Cultural Revolution, where everyone intelligent or artistic was imprisoned or killed, and schools and universities were closed. Mao’s had “Red Guards" who were high school and college students who were militant communists that enforced the Cultural Revolution. China was in ruins because of communism.

Excellent, may use as a model.

H2. The "Enigma". Explain and comment. The Enigma was a portable cipher machine, about the size of a typewriter, which could encrypt and decrypt secret messages. Commercially available beginning in the early 1920s, the Enigma used electro-mechanical rotors to convert a message to a secret code, and then another machine could decode that same message and reveal the original message. I think the very idea of the Enigma is thrilling, and one of the most interesting aspects of World War II! Sending codes through machines is intriguing to me, but even more then that is the genius that the mathematician Marian Rejewski used through advanced mathematics to secretly figure out the Enigma codes! What an amazing, useful way of putting ones talented mind to use.

Superb. Terrific answer that shows enthusiasm.

6. How did technological advances or insights help the Allied forces? Be specific. One example is the "Ultra" - the tool that mathematician Marian Rejewski used to break the codes of the Enigma. This amazing insight that he had helped intercept many German military maneuvers and was a huge help to the Allied forces. This is just one of the many examples of how technology and insightful thoughts formulated on people who were passionate about learning and discovering new things has been extremely helpful to America!

Good, but note that "Ultra" was the name of the decrypting efforts, not the name of an actual machine.

H5. Your view of the United Nations, please? I think the United Nations is terrible! Everything that it stands for is taking away the freedoms of the people - freedom of parents, freedom of religion, freedom of speech and expression. It is all for one huge world government, and no individual governments based off of the people.

Some great insights. 67/70. Well done!