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Sandro D.

1. Word War II was fought between the Axis powers (Japan, Germany, and Italy) and the Allied forces (Great Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, France, US, and Russia). In Asia in 1931, World War II began its Asian phase when Japan invaded Manchuria. In 1939, Germany started to attack Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia. The US did not fight in World War II until 1941 when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. World War II was fought on all the continents except North America and Antarctica. The leader of Germany was Adolf Hitler, Italy was led by Mussolini and Japan was led by its Emperor Hirohito. World War II started due to one man’s thirst for power and his name was Adolf Hitler. The leaders of Italy and Japan also sought worldwide power and chose to ally themselves with Hitler. Hitler was brazen and methodical. On September 29, 1938, he dominated the meeting at Munich. He was able to invalidate the Treaty of Versailles, rearm Germany militarily and he gained Austria through his bullying stance. What a history lesson to be learned for all nations. Bullies need to be stopped not pacified. Ostrich head in the sand is not the correct strategy with a bully.

Superb, but also mention when the war ended: 1945.

2. (Substituted H4) History does repeat itself! For instance, the Korean War was fought because North Korea wanted to make South Korea a communist nation. Meanwhile, South Korea wanted to be a free enterprise nation unlike the communist Nation of North Korea. This is similar to the Civil War in the United States where the Southern states wanted to leave the Northern states but the Northern wanted to contain the South so that the United States would continue to be one whole nation. A civil war broke out that put the United States at risk from invasion and even domination from foreign nations. In the end the Civil War was won by the North. The difference is that North Korea and South Korea had tons of foreign nations giving arms, money and troops to help the war effort. Due to advanced technology of freedom of travel, the interference of foreign nations was more accessible in the 20th century than in the 19th century. Even though France and Great Britain were jockeying for position in the American civil war, their direct ability to affect would have been limited by the technology of that century.

Fascinating comparison!

3. I think that Hitler and his supporters killed so many people because the Germans believed they were the superior race. Just like the slave trade in Africa where white men believed that they were superior to men of color. By killing these people, they gained all their worldly possessions: jewelry, money, real estate, control of commerce, etc. This may seem gruesome but it is more cost effective to kill prisoners and than to keep feeding, clothing and to provide housing & guards for prisoners. The Hitler’s way was one of great efficiency. There was no conscience.

Evil efficiency can be horrible. You explain how.

4. The effect of communism spreading to China was that Mao Zedong became the leader of China and renamed it the Republic of China. He made laws stating that no one could own land or possessions. Thus no one had the motivation to work since there was no incentive. Since no one would work, a famine came and 30 million Chinese people died.


5. (Substituted for H6) I think that General MacArthur was right to cut off the North Korean supplies lines but was wrong in thinking he could defeat China’s army. He should have deferred to President Truman’s efforts for a diplomatic resolution. The Chinese army was thousands strong and geographically easy to rearm troops.

Good, but the Japanese had no trouble defeating the much larger numbers of Chinese. War is not always won by the biggest army.

6. One of the technological advances that helped the Allied forces win World War II was the atomic bombs that were dropped on Japan. Another advantage was the superior skill of General Patton to command the Third Army. The Allied forces were also aided by Marian Rejewsi who used advanced mathematics to decipher the Enigma Codes; he helped by creating “doubles” of the Enigma that could easily find the keys necessary for decryption. This advantage eliminated the element of surprise.


7. I think that if the United States entered World War II earlier, we would have avoided the Attack on Pearl Harbor. I also think that if Roosevelt did decode a message from Japan about its plans to attack the United States, he should have told the people and taken action before it was too late. Similar situation occurred in World War I, where Great Britain showed United States a message about what the Central Powers was planning to do to conquer the United States.

Superb again!
Great insights for your last homework in the course!!! Your work was terrific and always improving. 70/70. Well done!--Andy Schlafly 19:17, 6 May 2009 (EDT)