World History Homework Two Answers - Student 10

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2. What is your favorite Aesop's Fable, and why? Explain.

My favorite Aesop's fable is the Fox and the Crow. The fable consists of a fox seeing a crow with cheese in its mouth, and by flattery convinces the crow to sing so that she drops the cheese from her mouth. The author of these fables obviously profoundly understood the human ego has over people. When the crow sang to gratify her ego, she actually sacrificed her cheese; when we obsess over our appearance, talent and ego we frequently sacrifice things that are important to us.

Superb answer. Could become a model answer.

3. Pick one of the Greek philosophers and compare and contrast him with another Greek philosopher.

I chose Aristotle and Socrates. Aristotle and Socrates seem to be geniuses with opposite methods of logic. In fact, Socrates said he knew nothing and Aristotle postulated that human experience could be used as a springboard for knowledge. Socrates taught by continually questioning his disciples' preconceived notions, whereas Aristotle developed conclusions by developing premises and combining them to form a conclusion.Socrates' students were thought to be demoralized and so he was executed; Aristotle's student , Alexander the Great, however, went on to rule the known world.

Terrific answer again!

4. Explain how the expansion and influence of the Greek culture became useful to the growth of Christianity. Mention the role played by Alexander the Great.

The expansion of the Hellenistic society ushered in an international intellectually developed society. What were the practical implications of this? As Alexander the Great spread greek love of knowledge throughout the world, love of knowledge created libraries in places such as Alexandria, a common language, but most of all, with Greek language expressing new concepts, it created a strong yearning for God. Jesus was able to capitalize on this developed yearning and was able to spread the christian faith to most all of the territory Alexander the Great conquered. Interestingly Alexander the Great's conquests ended in India and by popular belief the Apostle Thomas' missionary work extended to regions of India! So essentially the spread of Jesus' faith modeled the spread of hellenistic society.

Very good answer.

6. I added Alexandria, Xenophon and Zeus.

Well done.


Grade: 40/40. Terrific work.--Andy Schlafly 17:24, 20 September 2011 (EDT)