World History Homework Two Answers - Student 11

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1. When did the Greek empire exist, and what events mark its beginning and its end?

The Dorians settled Greece in around 1000 B.C. The event that marked the Greek Empire’s beginning was the Olympic games in 776 B.C. The Greek empire ended when Alexander the Great died in 323 B.C.


2. What is your favorite Aesop's Fable, and why? Explain.

My favorite Aesop’s fable is the one where the cart driver’s cart gets stuck in the mud, so he prays to Hercules to move the cart for him and Hercules appears and tells the cart driver to put his shoulder to the wheel and push. The moral is that “God helps those that help themselves”. This signifies that you can’t sit back and expect God to do everything for you, but have to be proactive in conjunction with God’s help.

Terrific selection of a fable with a great teaching.

3. Explain how the expansion and influence of the Greek culture became useful to the growth of Christianity. Mention the role played by Alexander the Great.

Alexander the Great conquered Persia and spread a common language and the Greek culture as he conquered parts of Asia. So everyone spoke a common language and could converse and thus Christianity could be spread more easily.


4. Pick two of the important ancient empires other than the Greek empire, and briefly describe them.

The Chinese Empire and the Roman Empire The Chinese empire came up with amazing inventions like gunpowder and silk. They also had amazing horsemanship and the remarkable construction feat of the Great Wall. The Romans had the best discipline of their time, the best laws and the best patriotic spirit.

Well done! Grade: 40/40.--Andy Schlafly 17:33, 20 September 2011 (EDT)