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A one world Government is foretold in revelation, a major reference to this would be 666. In the bible the number 6 means man, so the number 666 is a one world gov't, currency and religion. It is also the mark of the beast. A one world Gov't is where all the nations come together as one, becoming as single entity. A popular thought on this would be the free world, with a world leader. When this comes, the leader would be the antichrist, and is seen as a major sign of the end times. Many think as the start of this the UN (united nations), if you watch/read the left behind series, it portrays this.


  • Idealists such as P.R. Sarkar, Charles Paprocki, R.G.H. Siu, Robert Muller and Titus North believe that a parliament of humanity or a world government democratically constituted by world citizens is humanity's natural progression from barbarism to civilization. [1]
  • The Rockefellers, who also created the Trilateral Commission, have stated and proven many times that their goal is to undermine national sovereignty, subvert cultural norms, bring about a one world order and lead the way towards total control over society. [2]