Would anybody consider President Barry Soetoro a Muslim?

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If someone didn't like the stigma of being associated with being a Muslim, why would Barry Soetoro change his name back to Barack Hussein Obama? I believe that if Barack Obama was afraid to use his middle name while campaigning, that tells me he feared the Muslim label. At his inauguration, he decides to use his complete Muslim name Barack Hussein Obama. All of a sudden, he is not a Muslim he just has a Muslim name.


Nobody would question he is a Muslim if he used his former name Barry Soetoro.

Of course he "fears the Muslim label". Everyone is making such a big deal claiming he's a Muslim, of course he doesn't want to be labeled one. Because he's not. Conservatives could be said to "fear being labeled a racist" for disapproving of affirmative action. However, that doesn't make us actually racist. It just means people claim we are. He has a Muslim father, but he was raised by his mother. So he absolutely has some Muslim heritage, and I'm guessing that has some influence on his morals. But his primary influence is his Christian mother. And once he got elected, his Muslim heritage could no longer cost him the election, so he relaxed a bit. Gregkochuconn 22:46, 4 March 2012 (EST)


His past would still haunt him as being a Muslim from birth.

Absolutely. It doesn't matter WHO says "the muslim call to prayer is the prettiest sound on Earth," whoever says that sounds pretty pro-Islam. If "Joe Smith" was born in Kenya to a muslim father, raised in Indonesia, bowed to the king of Saudi Arabia, etc., I'd think "Joe Smith" had something fishy going on. Maybe that's just me. JacobB 23:04, 8 December 2009 (EST)