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The Technology Hole

Technology is a great wonder to the 21st century. With the advances in computers, cell phones and ipods, one never really has the chance to be bored. The generation of the 20th and 21st century has multiple advantages and disadvantages which people of earlier generations never had.[NEED SPACE HERE]The transformations in technology are indeed very good and helpful, but are they in the long run creating a good and lasting effect on our society? This is the biggest problem facing the youth of today. Everyone needs to realize that technology can be very good and laborsaving, but if used incorrectly, it can become a great evil. [EXCELLENT OPENING PARAGRAPH!]
The world we live in today has been altered dramatically since the age of inventions. From the end of the 1800's to the beginning of the 1900's, the world has indeed changed. Great scientists were inventing and discovering new things which set the stage for the innovations and breakthroughs of the late 20th century. The most influential inventions by far, are computers and the internet. The internet impacts millions of people[NEED APOSTROPHE]s lives every day. Without it, our world would indeed be very different. The internet is the fastest growing industry in the world. Due to its influence, the internet is increasing how it impacts and changes people[NEED APOSTROPHE]s lives.[REPETITIVE WITH A PRIOR SENTENCE] If we continue down the path we are headed, in the future there will be great turmoil. No one will know how to write any more. [WELL STATED!] No one will know how to spell. No one will even want to learn how to spell because everyone will just be typing up words on the computer and using spell check. No one will be able to converse with others face to face. The social standard which has been decreasing over the last ten to twenty years will only get worse. People will no longer care about how they are portrayed to others. No one will care about their own dignity, there will not even be a trace of shame in society. These things are already creeping into our culture. The use of technology must be kept in check. People need to learn how to practice moderation and to combat this temptation. For if this does not change, our universe [POOR WORD CHOICE] will indeed go down in flames.
With the use of the internet, people can now get together to “virtually hang out.” Thanks to Facebook and Skype, people can spend time with family and friends online. This generation lives on the internet, and because of this, no one knows how to write in proper sentences or how to spell simple words. The art of neat and attractive handwriting has also become extinct. No one takes pride in their writing anymore. Writing has always been the highest form of self expression. Fifty years ago, People would not let anyone else read their writing until they had deemed it the best that it could possibly be. It was almost unheard of to send a rough draft of a paper to any one else because it was considered an embarrassment for someone else to see a piece of work which was not your best effort. Unfortunately, no one cares about how they are being presented to others in our society today. Peoples[NO "S" HERE] whole lives are spread out for all to see over the internet. Another disadvantage of the internet is the decline in conversational skills. Due to the fact that everyone chats online, no one knows how to hold a decent conversation. People may know how to decipher chat lingo and quick misspelled text messages, but do they know how to talk to other people face to face? This is an art form which is being slowly put to death by way of technology. Without conversational skills, one cannot get a good job. [EXCELLENT POINT!] Without these skills, one cannot impress anyone in any interview one attends whether it be for school or for a job. Our generation is slowly succumbing to the dark abyss of misused technology. The world cannot go on like this,[SEMICOLON WORKS BETTER HERE] something must be done, something must be changed.
In order to modify this way of living, people must alter themselves. People cannot spend their whole lives on the internet, they need to somehow regulate their time. The average teenager of today spends about 13 hours per week on the internet [SUPERB USE OF STATISTICS]. Instead of spending all of their free time on the internet, people should be spending time with others whom they care about. Friends and family need to set aside time to hang out and to socialize face to face with each other. It is great to be able to have a long distance relationship with family and friends who live far away, but for those friends whom one sees regularly, there is no real need to “virtually hang out.” It is so important to have those moments together with the people one loves. By spending time together, memories are made which will last a lifetime. However by chatting online, no lasting memories are made. When one spends time with family and friends, there is a feeling of love and affection for the person whom they are spending time with. But by chatting online, there is no real sense of love and respect for the other person. It is like one does not care enough to alter his busy schedule in order to spend some time with family and friends. If people learned how to budget their time more efficiently, then there would be more opportunities to spend with family and friends in person. To live in moderation would change the world for the better. Technology in itself is a good thing, but it is like a weapon. Depending on how you use it, good or evil will result.
Thus, one can see the great dangers facing the youth of today. Our advances in technology are assisting in ruining the generation of the 20th and 21st century. These people do not know how to live in moderation or how to use their time effectively. If the youth of today would learn to recognize the dangers of technology and to use it wisely, then our world would indeed become a better place. For like a lot of things in this world, technology can be used for good or evil purposes. The question, is how will one choose to use it?

Alexa W

Terrific essay. Comments and corrections are noted in CAPS above. Substance: 9.9/10. Technical: 9.6/10.--Andy Schlafly 20:55, 7 March 2012 (EST)