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Correct the following (using editing marks or, if done online, by rewriting it while preserving everything that is correct):

1. Its his bad attitude thats the most biggest problem. Irregardless, you can not judge a book by it’s cover.

It's his bad attitude that's the biggest problem. Regardless, you cannot judge a book by its cover.

2. Me and Davey gone to the football game that day, and we didn’t see nothing there. Instead, the cop yelled at us, “Get lost before you are arrested by me!” Davey got real scared, and he didn’t arrest us.

Davey and I went to the football game that day, and we didn't see anything there. Instead, the cop yelled at us, "Get lost before I arrest you!" Davey got really scared, and the cop didn't arrest us.
Superb again.

3. Newt Gingrich declared, "the media is terrified that the audience is going to side with the candidates against the media, which is what they've done in every debate." What mistake(s) did Newt, who has written many books, make in his statement? Explain.

"Media" is plural, and the pronoun should not have been used the second time.
Right - the pronoun lacks a proper antecedent.

4. A good student is someone that can both write very well and quickly.

A good student can write both very well and quickly.
Terrific again!

5. Runing inside to avoid the rainstorm, my new sweatur was mostly dry.

Running inside to avoid the rainstorm, my new sweater remained mostly dry.
Mistake here - the sweater was not "running inside." Minus 1.

6. These three things needed to be completed Wedesday morning, and it was: calling my friend, finishing this homework, and jog one mile.

These three things needed to be completed on Wednesday morning, and they were: calling my friend, finishing my homework, and jogging one mile.
Good. Score on first part: 59/60.

Write a flawless essay of 300-500 words (you will be graded both in technical correctness and style) on one of the following topics:

1. Why you don’t throw people off a lifeboat to make it float better, even if it looks like the lifeboat will sink.

2. A nagging fear that you have.

(3. Who you think will win the Republican nomination for president.)

4. Your favorite passage in the Bible, and why.

5. “Almost everything in school and beyond is easier for those who improve their writing skills.” Discuss.

6. Describe how and why the writing (lyrics or screenplay) is so good in one of your favorite songs or movies.

7. A very short story of fiction.

8. Which is your favorite season of the year, and why?

I believe [delete "I believe"] that Mitt Romney will win the Republican Party's nomination for President of the United States. He has consistently been favored in many major polls. Romney, though not as conservative as other candidates such as Newt Gingrich, and the former candidates Herman Cain, Rick Perry, and Michele Bachmann, has been the strongest most consistently in the polls. He has shown that he is a likeable [misspelling] man, which is a determining factor for a nominee and President with many in the general public. Other candidates, such as the aforementioned Perry, Cain and Gingrich, have temporarily surged against Romney in the polls, but the effect was moot when they eventually lost favor with many in the public. Though,[comma is awkward here] not the most ideal candidate for conservatives, Romney has shown to be the most favorable candidates for independents, who will ultimately decide the 2012 Presidential election. He also polls well against President Obama, even surging ahead in certain polls. Of the candidates who are left, Romney seems like the winner. Gingrich has high unfavorability numbers among the public, and will not likely gain significant independent support if nominated. Rick Santorum seems not to have enough name recognition, and was defeated in 2006 for reelection in the Senate by Bob Casey, Jr. Ron Paul, whose libertarian views differ vastly from the platform of the Republican Party, really is not a factor in the recent primaries. Paul, whose foreign policy views are disliked by many people in the GOP and in the nation, cannot appeal to many outside his base. His stances, such as legalization of drugs such as marijuana, a nonintervention foreign policy, and audits of the Federal Reserve and even Fort Knox, will insure ["ensure" is better here] he is not elected. In general, Mr. Romney seems to be the strongest candidate in this election and will likely win the nomination, though he may not be much more effective of a President than Obama if elected.

9.5 on substance, but 9 on technical correctness (several misspelled words, and needs some paragraph breaks). See bracketed comments above.--Andy Schlafly 20:46, 6 February 2012 (EST)