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The National Homeshool Basketball Tournament Jonathan S. [TITLE IS OK, BUT COULD BE BETTER]

Every year since 2007, Liberty University has hosted the HSPN National Homeschool Basketball Tournament. I have had the privilege of attending three of the six years the tournament has taken place. This year there were 32 varsity boys teams from all over the country, along with several jv [EXPLAIN WHAT "JV" IS, ALTHOUGH I KNOW IT IS "JUNIOR VARSITY" - IN GENERAL ALL SPELL OUT THE FIRST REFERENCE TO AN ABBREVIATION] and girls teams.

Each team is placed in a “pool” with three other teams. The teams are then broken up into brackets of four based on their performance against each of the other teams in their “pool”. In each of these brackets, the top[HYPHEN]seeded team plays against the bottom[HYPHEN]seeded team and the second[HYPHEN] and third[HYPHEN]seeded teams play each other. The winners of these games play in a final for first place; the losers play a consolation game for third place.

Over the course of three days, then, every team will play five games. On the first day, each team plays two games against teams in its “pool”, the next day will see them playing two more games: one against the third team in its “pool” and a semi-final for whatever bracket it is placed in. Day three contains all the championship and consolation games for every bracket as well as a pickup game for all the coaches. [THAT'S RIDICULOUS - COACHES ARE COACHES, NOT PLAYERS!!!]

The games are played at a variety of different courts. Most are played at the LaHaye Center which contains five courts. Two more courts are located at Liberty Christian Academy which is about two minutes from the University campus, and Timberlake Christian School holds another two. The championship games for the top three varsity brackets are played at Liberty University’s Vines Center, a beautiful stadium that seats up to 10,000.

In addition to the tournament, there is a three-point competition for every age group. Each contestant has one minute to make as many three-pointers as possible while being handed balls by two helpers who rebound. The leading contestants compete in a second round of the same sort. The top two contestants receive a medal and a tournament bag.

This tournament is a great chance to play other teams you wouldn’t [AVOID CONTRACTIONS IN FORMAL WRITING] normally be able to play. Likewise it is a wonderful opportunity to meet homeschoolers from other states, and make new friends. Also it’s a good way to test yourselves against some of the best homeschool teams in the country.

Good essay, but not spectacular. I think more could have been made of the trip and tournament in an essay about it. Try to be more colorful in your writing. Substance: 9.5/10. Technical: 9.4/10.--Andy Schlafly 20:34, 28 March 2012 (EDT)