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1. The best vegetable is asparagus. Most of the kids in public school eat candy, rather than good food; eating better will make you healthier than them.

"than they", not "than them." (Minus 1)

2. Congress’s problem: it is too weak. Those in Washington D.C. worry too much about what the public thinks, consequently doing us all a disservice.

Add a comma after "Washington". (Minus 1)

3. Easter is a unique day of the year. Let’s face it; neither July 4th nor New Year’s Day are as special.

"neither ... nor ... are" -> "neither ... nor ... is" (Minus 1)

4. Someone needs to clean up this mess before the owner gets here. His note read, "Get [your] garbage out of [here] now”.

Could improve the word choice of "gets" in the first sentence. (Minus 1)

5. I am determined to catch all of the errors this time; I am not going to make any more mistakes. Do you think I enjoy being ridiculed like this?

Excellent editing.

6. These two things I know are true: good writing is priceless and poor writing will hurt my career. That is why I want to be a better writer.

Superb editing.


Score: 56/60. Well done.--Andy Schlafly 14:40, 26 February 2012 (EST)