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Anthony F.

God given rights belong to all of us. Whom else would he give them to other then us?

Need a hyphen: "God-given". Also: "To whom else ..."

“I [am not] missing that game again”, I told him. After all, their friend, not me, were at the game and there was no way I was going to miss it.


When the stranger that showed up sought directions, I told them to not to bother my friend and I.

"bother ... me"

Neither the Patriots nor the Giants are the best team in the NFL this year. The Packers, lets admit were the finest players. Just joking ..... no one around hear doubt that the Giants are the greatest ever!

"let's" with an apostrophe.

this time I will catch all the mistakes. Does you think this work is something to be embarrassed about

"Do you think ...," not "Does you think ...."

Which is James is most proud of? The homework that had the fewest error of course! This final sentence, the last phrase, and the one before it; they were perfect.

"of which" and a colon rather than a semicolon would be better near the end.
Score: 55/60.

The Superior Underdogs

Super Bowl XLVI was the first time that the favorite (the New England Patriots) were hopelessly outmatched by the underdog (the New York Giants). The four main areas that the Giants had an advantage in are receiving core vs. secondary, deep threat players, the Front Four, and special teams. It is hard to understand why the Patriots were favored when they had only beaten one team over .500 and had already lost to the Giants this season. The Giants were also coming off of four game win streak beating both the number one and number two seed teams. For these reasons and a host of other reasons it is hard to see why the Patriots were favored by 3 ½ points.

The Giants had one of the most powerful WR core in the game going for 3251 yds in the season, their TE going for 600+yds, and their RB went for 350+yds. Against such yardage the Patriots subpar secondary had little hope of holding the Giants offense in check. The Packers had held Victor Cruz to under 75yds at the expense of letting Hakeem Nicks go for 165yds. The 49ers held Nicks to less than 75yds and Cruz to 115yds but Mario Manningham caught a TD. It is preposterous to think that the Pats secondary could stop such a juggernaut. With a receiving core so versatile it was no surprise that Manning had 296 passing with Nick at 109, Manningham at 73, and Cruz at 20+ and a TD.

With two highly capable QBs much of the game came down to the ability to go long distances on a single pass play, or the deep threat. The Pats offense has not had a legitimate deep threat since Randy Moss left, forcing them to rely on Wes Welker and Rob Gronkowski neither of whom are fast enough to truly be a deep threat. Whereas the Giants have three WR that are fast enough to constitute a deep threat. In the super bowl there were two plays that showed why this is so important; the first was Manninghams 38 yard catch that set up the game-winning touchdown, the second was the Hail Mary at the end of the game in which the Patriots were forced to throw a jump ball as opposed to having a WR burn the defender for the game-ending score.

The Patriots first offensive play, in which Justin Tuck pressured Tom Brady in the end zone forcing a throw to an area that no one was in [ADD COMMA] resulting in a safety, showed why the Giants Front Four was considered to be one of the most important aspect if they were to win the game. The Front Four did not stop there, proceeding to harass Brady the whole game, including a couple sacks and two tipped passes one[COMMA] of which stalled a drive. In contrast the Pats front four was barely able to get to Manning and did nothing in the way of disrupting Manning’s rhythm.

The difference in skill on special teams was another reason the Pats had no hope of winning. The Giants punter Steve Weatherford manage to land the ball four times inside the twenty with only one being a touchback and two inside the ten while Lawrence Tynes kept the ball deep on kickoffs. The Patriots punter was average and the kicker was good but it could not out do the Giants return team. Do to the success of the Giants special teams the Giants were able to have short fields and gave the Patriots long fields plus set the stage for the safety.

Because of these things that were evident throughout the Giants playoff run it is hard to understand why the Patriots were favored by 3 ½ points. In addition to that there is the fact that the Patriots had only beat [BEATEN, OR DEFEATED] one team over .500 in the season and postseason. So there is no conceivable way that the Patriots deserved the favorite status[NEED PERIOD]

Terrific essay on substance: 9.8. On technical points, some room for improvement, especially in punctuation: 9.5.--Andy Schlafly 10:16, 16 February 2012 (EST)