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Xiao Qiao (Simplified: 小乔; Traditional: 小喬; Hanyu pinyin: Xiǎo Qiáo) was an important figure during the Three Kingdoms period of China. She was the wife of Zhou Yu and a spy for both her father, Qiao Xuan, and the Wu army.

Xiao Qiao was one of the "Two Qiaos," famous beauties of ancient China. Her actual name is lost; all historical accounts refer to only as Xiao Qiao ("little Qiao" in contrast to her elder sister, Da Qiao or "big Qiao"). Qiao Xuan, a minor official in the Han Dynasty and an official under Zhang Lu, wished to use his daughters to monitor the actions of the growing Eastern Wu kingdom. After Da Qiao's betrothal to Sun Ce, Qiao Xuan arranged for Xiao Qiao to be married to Zhou Yu, giving her orders to report to him on the behavior of Wu officials.

After Zhou Yu's death, Sun Quan sent Xiao Qiao to the Wei capital to meet with Cao Cao, who had long admired her. On the surface, this was act of diplomacy. However, Sun Quan had asked Xiao Qiao to spy on Cao Cao, much as she had spied on the Wu capital. Despite the coincidence, there is no evidence that Sun Quan knew of Xiao Qiao's previous plans. Information provided by Xiao Qiao was vital to Sun Quan's victory at the Battle of Ruxukou.