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|[[Marvin Jones]]
|[[Marvin Jones]]
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Round 1 results[1][2]

Pick Team Player Pos College Notes
1 New England Patriots Drew Bledsoe QB Wash. St.
2 Seattle Seahawks Rick Mirer QB Notre Dame
3 Phoenix Cardinals Garrison Hearst RB UGA
4 New York Jets Marvin Jones MLB FSU
5 Cincinnati Bengals John Copeland DE Alabama
6 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Eric Curry DE Alabama
7 Chicago Bears Curtis Conway WR USC
8 New Orleans Saints Willie Roaf OT Louisiana Tech
9 Atlanta Falcons Lincoln Kennedy T UW
10 Los Angeles Rams Jerome Bettis RB Notre Dame
11 Denver Broncos Dan Williams DT Toledo
12 Los Angeles Raiders Patrick Bates CB Texas A&M
13 Houston Oilers Brad Hopkins OT Illinois
14 Cleavland Browns Steve Everitt C Michigan
15 Green Bay Packers Wayne Simmons OLB Clemson
16 Indianapolis Colts Sean Dawkins WR California
17 Washington Redskins Tom Carter CB Notre Dame
18 Phoenix Cardinals Ernest Dye 0T South Carolina
19 Philadelphia Eagles Lester Holmes OG Jackson State
20 New Orleans Saints Irv Smith TE Notre Dame
21 Minnesota Vikings Robert Smith RB OSU
22 San Diego Chargers Darrien Gordon CB Stanford
23 Pittsburgh Steelers Deon Figures CB Colorado
24 Philadelphia Eagles Leonard Renfro DT Colorado
25 Miami Dolphins O.J. McDuffie WR Penn. St.
26 San Francisco 49ers Dana Stubblefield DT Kansas
27 San Francisco 49ers Todd Kelly OLB Tennessee
28 Buffalo Bills Thomas Smith CB North Carolina
29 Green Bay Packers George Teague FS Alabama


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