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The 2016 election will be an open field in both the Republican Party. Democrats, as in communist countries, are not expected to have any choice other than Hillary Clinton.

Possible Republican candidates

Candidate Pros Cons Trending ...
Jeb Bush Able to win Florida, has Hispanic wife and kids, multilingual, backing of Karl Rove. Presumably has the backing of most Bush family members, with the notable exception of his mother, Barbara, who stated "We've had enough Bushes" during an April 2013 interview[1]. Outspokenly supports amnesty, neither Tea Partiers or independent voters want a third Bush, told GOP primary voters they wouldn't elect Reagan today. Might count on Rubio to be a stalking horse because of their friendship but has contradicted Rubio on immigration in his latest book, if he and Clinton are the nominees many voters might gravitate to a third party.
Rick Perry Strong record of experience as Governor of Texas. Supports Second Amendment. Before the next election he might see a debating coach. Strong fundraiser. Not expanding Medicare to adjust for Obamacare like some other Governors are doing. Performed poorly in the debates last time, is an also-ran without Santorum's likely momentum in a race that will probably also have multiple of the other Republican Governors, also passed a state version of the DREAM Act and mandated vaccines for schoolgirls. He has stated that he might run again.
Rand Paul Son of Ron Paul, voted against GOP establishment's spending compromise bills, advocate for cutting spending, can unite libertarians and conservatives, voted against NDAA. Made waves with historic filibuster against CIA director John Brennan over the Obama administration's claimed authority to use drone strikes against US citizens on American soil. Some of his father's more hardcore followers think he's a 'traitor' for endorsing Romney, voted for Chuck Hagel as Defense Secretary. Has criticized Paul Ryan and Chris Christie like a potential candidate would, delivered 2013 Tea Party response to the SOTU, which the news media didn't cover.
Marco Rubio Favorite of Fox News, articulate, Hispanic, able to win key battleground state of Florida since he's from there, was on Romney's shortlist in 2012. Used to be a Tea Party favorite when he defeated RINO Charlie Crist, but many have since soured on his actions, endorses his own version of the DREAM Act, friends with Jeb Bush, denounced Michele Bachmann's investigation into Huma Abedin. Visited Iowa in December 2012 to speak at Jack Kemp library, delivered GOP response to Obama's 2013 SOTU, currently putting his capital on the line working with seven other Senators on a controversial immigration plan conservatives may oppose as amnesty.
Rick Santorum Strong social conservative base, runner-up in the 2012 primary, by 2016 endorsing RINO-turned-Democrat Arlen Specter will be a distant memory for many because he died in 2012. May have been a stalking horse for Romney in the last election, which he'll vehemently deny; in 2016 voters may want a new face to lead the party instead of an also-ran, media portrays as fanatic. Says door is open on Presidential bid, compared his 2012 run to Reagan in 1976. Has founded an organization called Patriot Voices which may serve as a fulcrum for his campaign.
Paul Ryan Vice-Presidential running-mate in 2012, seen as fiscal hawk, Chair of House Budget Committee, articulate. Part of unpopular GOP House leadership, part of steering committee that purged conservatives from leadership positions, supported Boehner's Plan B and Senate budget plan, voted for TARP and Medicare Part D, budget balances budget in 40 years, didn't carry Wisconsin at bottom of ticket. Visited Iowa in December 2012 to speak at Jack Kemp library, named after the man he used to be an aide to.
Chris Christie Blunt criticism of teacher's unions won conservatives over for about a year, Ann Coulter supports him. Unprofessional style, severely overweight, praised Obama's Hurricane Sandy efforts only days before the 2012 election, has gotten heat for appointing Sharia judge and having pro-abortion Lieutenant Governor. Not endearing himself to conservatives with his statements on things like gun control.
Bobby Jindal Populist conservative who says conservatives should be skeptical of big business, Indian-American, cleaned up Louisiana after Katrina and Governor Blanco, evangelical who also focuses on energy issues like Perry before him. Severely lacking in charisma. Has criticized the GOP on how it needs to be "smarter" and should emphasize it champions small business instead of big business, term limited to 2016.
Sarah Palin Very popular with the conservative base, record of cutting the size of government, expert on energy issues. Thanks to the media, the electorate has already made up their minds about her. May prefer the role of commentator and not run for her and her children's sakes.
Condoleezza Rice Articulate, popular, foreign policy experience, takes the race and gender cards off the table, gave impassioned speech at the RNC, inspiring childhood story. Pro-choice, ties to Bush administration, never elected to any office, just appointed; left-wing immigration stance, had role leading up to Iraq War, single status will mean she won't have the emotional support of a family for a Presidential run as Laura Bush has said; admired by some conservatives, disliked by others like paleoconservatives and from how Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld have criticized her, she doesn't even have all the neoconservatives wrapped up. Some conservatives would think her running would be a good idea, others won't. She declined to run in 2008 and 2012, but from the speculation she was going to be Romney's VP, she might this time.
Bob McDonnell Social conservative, pro-life Governor of Virginia that supports gun rights. Not exciting, signed transportation tax and Medicare waiver for Obamacare. Currently under attack by feminists for passing pro-life legislation, term limited in 2014.
John Thune Senator who defeated Tom Daschle, relatively conservative. Voted for TARP and often votes for other spending bills the leadership pushes, not well known.
Scott Walker A movement conservative who defeated a recall that was pushed by Soros and the unions, exhibits conservative determination in passing right-to-work in his state and surviving the relentless union attacks that followed. AFL-CIO and the other union special interests have him as a top target, but he stands his ground.
Susana Martinez Gave a good speech at the RNC, conservative Governor of a blue state, Hispanic. Might not be interested, expanded Medicare in her state.
Jan Brewer If she runs, will use potent immigration issue as foil to Bush and Rubio, can take it's mantle and change debate to pressure other candidates to tack right on the issue, outspoken critic of Obama. May not be interested in the Presidency, expanded Medicare waiver. Currently serving her state as Arizona's governor.
Ben Carson Plain-spoken, with common-sense solutions to the country's problems Has said states can enact gun control. The world-renowned surgeon made waves by skewering Obama's policies at the White House correspondence dinner
Kelly Ayotte If Rubio is the Presidential nominee, he's likely to make Ayotte his running mate hoping the ticket will appeal to two swing states (Florida and New Hampshire), Hispanics, and women, offsetting Hillary with the last group. Both Rubio and Ayotte have been taken under the wings of McCain and Graham since getting in the Senate.
Allen West Conservative black Congressman from Florida who speaks his mind, some conservative activists insist that he runs. Lost his race for re-election to the House two years after getting voted in. Has compared his loss to Abraham Lincoln's before he became President in a radio interview.
Brian Sandoval Hispanic, fiscal conservative Pro-choice, expanded Medicare in his state, Harry Reid doesn't seem to mind his performance as Governor [2].

Possible Democratic candidates

Democrats will not have a choice other than liberal Hillary Clinton. If a competitive race were allowed by the party bosses (and it won't be), the candidates mentioned below her could be contenders:

Candidate Pros Cons Trending ...
Hillary Clinton Has wanted to be President for decades, has Clinton machine and big money behind her, teflon image helped along by the media, quitting Secretary of State position lets her run, she will have the 'sexist' card at her disposal. Role in Benghazi and decades worth of scandals going back to the 90s, feminist. Claims not interested now, but will likely run anyways.
Joe Biden Tries to set image as he's 'one of the folks' even though he's a millionaire. He'll have Obama's Chicago machine. Very gaffe-prone, VP to an unpopular administration. Currently yukking it up as Obama's Vice-President and has openly expressed some interest in running. Hasn't talked about running...yet. Should be good seeing how him and Hillary deal with each other on the stage.
Andrew Cuomo Tried to make himself look like a fiscal conservative, he's part of a political family like Jeb and Hillary. Uncompelling, declared intentions to seize guns from lawful gun owners, which he's used executive orders to do. His father, the former Governor, has already said he intends for him to run. His gun confiscating executive orders are not sitting well with the American people by and large.
Mark Warner Senator from a swing state with a relatively moderate record who voted against the NDAA, all of which might give him points with independents that the other Democrats won't have. He still votes with his party most of the time, voted for gun control even though he claims to be pro-gun.
Martin O'Malley Partisan, anti-war liberal. Martin who? He has low name recognition. Fiercely supports raising taxes and other very liberal stances, although that might help in the primary.
Elizabeth Warren Popular in Occupy Wall Street and other progressive circles. Caught lying about being a Native American so she could get affirmative action at Harvard, her very liberal views and rhetoric probably won't resonate in states less liberal than Massachusetts. Just won election to the Senate against Scott Brown.
Evan Bayh


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