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21st Century Democrats is a liberal organization of U.S. Democrats with a goal to elect Democrats who will be leaders inside the Democratic Party on Capitol Hill, State Houses, counties, and cities across the country. 21st Century Democrats endorses candidates for each of these elections. Each candidate receives staff & training, field organizers, as well as strategic and fundraising support.

21st Century Democrats is a coalition partner of the liberal coalition America Votes. [1]

Past candidates

These candidates were endorsed by 21st Century Democrats. [2] In 2005-2006 21st Century Democrats contributed $42,000 to several Democratic candidates (specifics listed below). [3]

Candidates who won their General Election in 2006

Candidates who won general elections in 2007

Candidates who won general elections in 2008


External Links

http://www.21stcenturydems.org/ Official website