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Academic Search Premier is one of several online services provided by Ebsco, a commercial publisher based in Massachusetts. It is an online database of scholarly and scientific journal articles. Most fields are covered, including science, the humanities and social sciences, with special strength in biology, chemistry, engineering, physics, psychology, religion and theology. It serves thousands of academic and public libraries. Typically a student at a subscribing university has free online access to all the texts, either in complete or in summary form. The student can be in the campus library, in a dormitory room, or off-campus. (Off campus students must have a password provided by the library that subscribes.)

It currently provides 8,318 journals. All the articles have abstracts. Of these journals, 4,542 have their full texts of articles on-line. 7,251 of the journals are "peer-reviewed" (which means that outside experts review every article for accuracy before it is published). There are 3,786 peer-reviewed, full text journals.

compare Project Muse and JSTOR.

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