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Al-Jazeera (Literally The Peninsula, Arabic: الجزيرة) is a satellite television broadcast network based in the Emirate of Qatar. It offers Muslim-centric news broadcasts and Web content in Arabic and in English.


Al-Jazeera began in 1995 when the British Broadcasting Corporation ceased their operations in Qatar and left their equipment behind. The Emir of Qatar formed an independent satellite broadcasting company, turned the equipment over to its officers, and pledged never to interfere with the new company's corporate or editorial management staff, nor dictate what news was or was not fit to broadcast.

Since then, Al-Jazeera has developed markets throughout the Arab world, including the nomadic tribes who can easily carry the kind of equipment required to receive Al-Jazeera's satellite signal.

In 2013 Al-Jazeera bought Al Gores channel Current TV.[1]


Al-Jazeera has been accused of expressing open sympathy with those who interpret the Muslim concept of jihad to stand for a physical holy war against anyone and anything non-Muslim. More particularly they have been accused of fomenting extremism among Arab youth and willfully distorting its reporting of terrorist incidents, riots, etc. For example the Al-Jazeera-host Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi has sanctioned the killing of those who leave Islam.[2]

That their logo consists of the reworking of the Arabic word Al-Jazeera (the peninsula) into a stylized drawing of a flame, might or might not be significant.



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