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Alan Samuel Colmes (born September 24, 1950) is a liberal media personality who hosts a talkradio show on FOX Radio called, "The Alan Colmes Show." Colmes formerly co-hosted the television cable program Hannity & Colmes, along with conservative Sean Hannity, on the Fox News Channel, until Colmes decided to depart the show, in January 2009. He will remain at Fox News as a commentator.[1]

Though Colmes identifies himself as a liberal and has even written a book about the supremacy of liberal politics,[2] he was perceived by many as a conservative "quisling" and as a "milquetoast" strawman, on his own cable show, for allowing Hannity to regularly talk over Colmes and generally disparage liberal thought, without Colmes giving adequate recourse from the liberal perspective.

Colmes graduated from Hofstra University, in New York.


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