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Allen Iverson, known as "The Answer", is a professional basketball player who is currently a free agent and last laid professionally in Turkey. He was drafted first overall in the 1996 NBA Draft.

Listed at 6'0", 180 lbs., the diminutive guard is considered to be one of the most prolific scorers in the history of the NBA. His career scoring average of 27.5 points per game is third-highest of all-time, behind only Wilt Chamberlain and Michael Jordan.[1]

In his earlier years he ran into several legal issues, with the most documented incident involving the 5-year sentence he received for assault from an incident that occurred while he was in high school. Iverson served four months in jail before receiving a controversial pardon from Governor Douglas Wilder.[2]


  • Rookie of the Year Award (1997)
  • Four Scoring Titles
  • Most Valuable Player Award (2001)
  • 8-time All-Star
  • 7-time All-NBA
  • Summer Olympics Bronze Medal (2004)
  • 2-time All-Star MVP (2001, 2005)

For all his individual achievements, with the exception of the NBA Finals run in 2001, Iverson has had limited playoff success. Many attribute this to the minimal talent on the teams he had played on, while some critics contend his style of play is detrimental to team success. The 2001 trip to the Finals was considered one of the most improbable runs in NBA playoff history, but ended when they fell to the Los Angeles Lakers in five games.[3]