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Allen West
U.S. Representative from Florida's 22nd District
From: January 3, 2011 - Present
Predecessor Ron Klein
Successor Incumbent (no successor)
Party Republican
Spouse(s) Angela West
Religion Christian

Allen West (born February 7, 1961 in Atlanta, Georgia) is a former United States Army Lieutenant Colonel and the current Republican Representative of Florida's 22nd congressional district. West received his Bachelors degree from University of Tennessee and Masters degree from Kansas State University, both in political science. He also holds a Master of Military Arts and Sciences from the US Army Command and General Staff Officer College in political theory and military operations.

His military career includes serving in several combat zones: Operation Desert Storm, in Operation Iraqi Freedom, where he was battalion commander for the Army’s 4th Infantry Division, and in Afghanistan, where he trained Afghan officers. Also, West taught a year of high school in Broward County, Florida. West had the support of the Senate Conservatives Fund and the Tea Party Movement. Critics of the Tea Party occasionally slander it by claiming it's inherently racist, yet most likely haven't heard of West, and other conservative African-American members.

He is married to Angela and they have two children.


His parents instilled in him a very basic principle, love of God and Country.
If Joseph Goebbels was around, he’d be very proud of the Democrat Party, because they have an incredible propaganda machine.[1]

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