Am Govt Homework 4 Answers - Student One

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Question 1: The Federal Communications Commission has responsibility for issues pertaining to the internet. It is an independent agency, not under any department. To a certain degree, it is a good idea for it to watch over the internet.

Correct about the FCC being an independent agency, but it is less clear whether it should be regulating the internet. Full credit.

Question 2: The following are clearly the most important of the federal agencies and commissions: the Defense Department, the Department of Justice, and the Food and Drug Administration.

Good choices.

Question 3: The president’s ‘Cabinet’ consists of the secretaries from each department. They are appointed by the incumbent.

Excellent ... but one member of the Cabinet is not a secretary: the "Attorney General" (the leader of the Department of Justice). Also, Cabinet members are nominated by the president, but must be confirmed by the Senate. (-1)

Question 4: If Mitt Romney wins the coming election and appoints Chris Christie to the position of Attorney General, seeing as Christie cannot be the Attorney General and governor of New Jersey at the same time, someone else will be elected for governor in New Jersey.

Not quite. The lieutenant government (a liberal Republican) would then become governor of New Jersey. (-2)

Question 5: Information that would be interesting to seek in a FOIA request would be an update on military technology. It would be interesting to see what some of the most brilliant engineers and scientists in the country are working on, or have already accomplished. This information would be found by filing a request to the Defense Department.

This information would not be made available under FOIA because it is considered confidential. This would fall under one of the exceptions of FOIA to producing information. But full credit anyway.

Question 6: Executive orders should obviously not be allowed. They are a way for the president to basically get anything they want. If a child was told that they couldn’t have something, yet had enough power to get it anyway, how would the child turn out? More importantly, how will our country turn out if this is allowed to go on?

Excellent answer with a good analogy.

Question 8: The Food and Drug Administration will decide whether or not adult stem therapy will be allowed in the US. Political pressure is highly influential when making these decisions.

Good analysis, but note that the political pressure is almost entirely from the left side of the political spectrum.
Overall score: 67/70. Well done.--Andy Schlafly 17:04, 19 October 2012 (EDT)