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MorganT’s Homework for Lecture #5

Answer the first five questions, and then two of the remaining three:

1. My favorite part of the Bill of Rights is Amendment Nine, because this amendment keeps the Constitution from destroying itself.

Interesting choice, but the Ninth Amendment is almost never used by federal courts and has not had much significance, so it has not protected the Constitution from itself. (-1) Perhaps you think the Ninth Amendment should have more significance than it does.

2. Amendment Four (protection from searches and seizures), Amendment Five (the right to remain silent), and Amendment Six (the right to a quick and speedy trial) primarily protect the rights of defendants.

Right. Note that the Fifth and Sixth Amendments contain more protections for defendants than you mention.

3. No, the federal courts should not apply the Bill of Rights against state and local government. The original constitution strove to protect state and local government against the overpowering federal government, and the constitution’s amendments should not be used to return the bulk of power to federal government.

Excellent answer!

4. The police violated the Fourth Amendment, which includes my right to be protected from unreasonable searches in my home.


5. I would make an amendment that restated the inalienable right to life and defined the right to life, in respect to abortion laws and the ability to earn money without excessive taxation and income plunges.

Very good suggested amendment provisions.

6. On average, one district will have 1157 civil cases a year and 3250 criminal cases a year.


7. No, the stare decisis should not prevent the U.S. Supreme Court from overturning Roe versus Wade. After all, the stare decisis did not prevent the Supreme Court from overturning a previous contrary issue.

Excellent analysis.

Extra Credit (answer two of the following five questions):

9. America was founded on principles that promote equal treatment and justice for the innocent. Protecting innocent lives is more important than throwing people in jail. Because Americans are innocent until proven guilty and not the other way around, it is better for 50 guilty Americans to be considered innocent than for one innocent man to go unjustly convicted.

Superb analysis.

11. A Con Con should not be held, because a Con Con will likely end with a complete rewriting of the constitution. A complete rewriting of American values, which are already heavily misconstrued, will likely result in a heavily liberal constitution.

Right. Terrific work.
Total score: 89/90. Nearly a perfect score. Well done.--Andy Schlafly 19:50, 23 October 2012 (EDT)