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Arpachshad, or Arphaxad (Hebrew: ארפּכשׁד, Arpaḫšad, Arabic: أرفخشذ Ārfakhshad; "healer, releaser") (1658 AM-2096 AM, or 2346 BC-1908 BC), is the third named son of Shem.

He was born in 1658 AM, two years after the Great Flood.[1] He had four known brothers, named Aram, Asshur, Elam, and Lud.

He lived for 35 years, and had a son named Salah. He died 403 years later. His total lifespan was therefore 438 years, less than half that of his grandfather Noah—an indication of the radical changes that the Global Flood wrought upon the earth.


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