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|588 BC
|588 BC
|Destruction of the [[first temple]]
|Destruction of the [[Solomon's Temple]]

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Date Event Comment
4004 BC Creation of the universe, Adam and Eve
3000 BC Menes unifies Upper and Lower Egypt, and a new capital is erected at Memphis. http://library.thinkquest.org/10805/timeline.html
2704 BC Birth of Noah
2600 BC Pyramids in Egypt start being built
2348 BC The Flood
2200 BC Stonehenge built
1976 BC Birth of Abraham
1576 BC Birth of Moses http://www.matthewmcgee.org/ottimlin.html
1491 BC The Exodus from Egypt
1016 BC Solomon begins to build first temple http://www.matthewmcgee.org/ottimlin.html
975 BC Birth of Solomon http://www.keyway.ca/htm2002/ottime.htm
776 BC First Olympic Games http://library.thinkquest.org/10805/timeline.html
753 BC Founding of Rome
588 BC Destruction of the Solomon's Temple
4BC The birth of Christ