Black as Night

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Black as Night by Regina Doman is a companion book to Shadow of the Bear. In this story Bear or Arthur Denniston returns suddenly from a trip to Italy with his brother Fish or Benedict Denniston because he is worried about Blanche Brier, the woman he has recently started a relationship with. When they return Bear cannot find Blanche anywhere and calls her sister Rose Brier and her mother Jean Brier back from their summer vacation. Together the group search for the missing girl while whispers of Bear and Fish's dark past arise once again as further obstacle to their goal.

As Bear and her family search, Blanche is seeing evil unfold before her very eyes in the dangerous neighborhood in which she lives. At every turn it seems something is waiting to snag her and she goes to her former high school, now a friary, and finds shelter and friendship from the seven monks that now live there. But even at her new found haven she is being attacked and she must trust God and her friends to help her through the dark times.

In this sequel to Shadow of the Bear Blanche and Bear are tried physically and emotionally and must fight against all obstacles to find each other again.

Black as Night was published in 2004 by Bethlehem Books.

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