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British atheist Christopher Hitchens twice refused to condemn bestiality at the William Lane Craig vs. Christopher Hitchens debate.[1] See also: Atheism and bestiality and Bestiality and Britain

In 2011 and in recent years, there have been number of reports on the decline of morality in Britain.[2] Peter Hitchens is the ex-atheist brother of atheist Christopher Hitchens. In an article entitled Britain Needs God Creation Ministries International declared:

Peter also wrote of what he saw as the growing public discourtesy and incivility in Britain. When he returned to London, after a five-year absence, he was shocked by the decline in people’s behaviour. He commented, “The rapid vanishing of Christianity from public consciousness and life, as the last fully Christian generation ages and disappears, seems to me to be a major part of it. I do not think I would have been half so shocked by the squalor and rudeness of 1990 Moscow, if I had not come from a country where Christian forbearance was still well-established. If I had then been able to see the London of 2010, I would have been equally shocked.” In many respects, Peter’s book is a warning to people, as to the kind of society they can expect if they continue to reject Christian beliefs.[3]

In an article entitled "Why is England Burning" Creation Ministries International wrote:

Few will have missed the shocking reports of the riots seen recently throughout England. Gangs of young adults and teenagers have been on the rampage, smashing windows, looting shops, and burning cars and warehouses. Even large deployments of police have been unable to contain them.

Many have been asking why all this is happening. Some reply that it is due to deep anger and frustration amongst youth, who feel they have no future, no possibility of getting a job and no stake in society. Others claim it is simply rebellion against authority and wanton criminality. Conservatives point to the disruption of family life, the promotion of single motherhood, the lack of discipline in schools and the ‘rights culture’. Liberals blame the lack of equality in society and say the answer lies in providing the young with more opportunities and better education. While there is some truth in all these views, they all fail to address the deeper issues and the true root cause of Britain’s moral and social decline.

What is happening in England is the inevitable consequence of a nation rejecting God and His Word. Instead of believing what God has said, people readily believe the modern academics and politicians, who assure us that the Bible is no more than a book of myths and that we can forge a better society based on secularism. Accepting this view has led to there being no final authority, no absolute basis for morality and no clarity about who or what we are...

When I was at school in the 1960s and 1970s, the Christian thinking and values of previous generations were still evident. General behaviour, truthfulness and respect were still considered more important than academic or material success. This was based on the view that we were made in the image of God, and good character was necessary to preserve this...

In contrast to all this, much of today’s educational system places little if any value on such biblical ideas. This is not surprising; if even many church leaders claim Genesis is not real history, then original sin is but a myth. In fact, it is quite likely that the ‘progressive’ educationist will take a different view simply because they think that, if the Bible teaches something, it is probably wrong. The teachers know that they themselves lie, and the head teacher lies—so why should they expect their pupils not to lie? Indeed, a recent New Scientist article actually argued, from an evolutionary standpoint, that lying in our personal, professional and social lives is a strategy for survival! The objective of education is no longer to equip young people to serve in the community, but to maximize their ‘potential for self-fulfillment’. The great heroes of the modern age are not those who have sacrificially given themselves for others, but those who have fought for themselves and their ‘rights’. Humanists, in defiance of the true history in Genesis 3, assert the doctrine of the intrinsic goodness of humanity and see no need to teach right and wrong.[4]

In August of 2011, the Baptist Bulletin reported:

Well-known columnist Cal Thomas has come out remarking that the recent race riots in Britain are indicative of tremendous spiritual problems, reports Said Thomas: “Prime Minister David Cameron recalled Parliament from its summer session to discuss the situation and to present a ‘united’ front. But that, along with condemnations ‘in the strongest terms,’ won’t address the real problem, which many Britons may not wish to confront. The problem in Britain, and increasingly in America, is moral and spiritual, not economic and political. British history and values are no longer being adequately taught in the UK for fear a sense of super-nationalism might be conveyed. This at a time when no nation is to be considered superior to any other, a view expressed by President Obama. According to a 2007 research report on church attendance in the UK from Tearfund, a UK Christian relief and development agency, just ’15 percent of UK adults go to church at least once a month.’ BBC News reports that according to a 2001 Census survey, ‘a fifth of children are in lone-parent families . . . 91 percent of these families headed by mother’ and there is ‘a minority of married couples for the first time—45 percent of the population versus 64 percent in 1981.’ So when the government calls on parents to be more vigilant about the whereabouts of their teenagers, the likelihood there are enough stable two-parent households who care enough to do so is not encouraging.[5]

Sexual immorality/diseases and the UK

In August of 2010, it was reported by that there was sharp increase in sexually transmitted infections in United Kingdom with almost half a million new cases last year.[6]

Bestiality and godless Britain

See also: Bestiality and Britain and Atheism and bestiality

On April 26, 2001, in an article entitled Swedes have more and more animal sex the Swedish news website Nettavision reported:

No one knows for sure how many animals that are abused, but a British study from 2001 indicates that every 20th dog or cat that receives treatment at veterinaries, the injuries are not a result of a direct accident, but the animal has been inflicted the injury as a result of a sexual assault.[7]

Bestiality has been illegal in the UK since at least 1533, and the law was renewed and clarified in 2003. Bestiality pornography has been illegal since 2008. The prevailing attitude in the UK is that bestiality is "extremely disturbing behaviour."[8]

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British atheist and evolutionist Christopher Hitchens on bestiality

See also: Christopher Hitchens on bestiality and Atheism and bestiality and Evolutionary belief and bestiality

Christopher Hitchens is one of the principal leaders of the New Atheism movement. At the end of the Christian apologist William Lane Craig vs. atheist Christopher Hitchens debate there was a audience question and answer period.VIDEO The first audience member to ask a question twice asked Christopher Hitchens to label bestiality as an immoral act, but he refused to do so.[9] Dr. Craig said the question posed to Hitchens was a good one and it helped illustrate that atheism cannot offer objective moral standards (see: Atheism and morality).[10]

UK TV regulators and bestiality

On May 26, 2005, LifeSiteNews reported:

Richard Hooper, deputy chairman of Ofcom (the UK’s TV and radio regulating body), has indicated that the long-anticipated new broadcasting code makes no definite provisions against the broadcasting of so-called ‘challenging material’ on public air-waves, including shows which deal with sex with animals, so long as it is in the proper ‘context’.

“A programme about sex with animals? Yes, it’s potentially possible,” said Ofcom deputy chairman, Richard Hooper. “It all comes down to context.” Mr. Hooper may have been thinking of a channel 4 documentary on bestiality, Animal Passions, which was aired last year. According to a Media Guardian article that particular documentary received seventy-five complaints at the time, from viewers who were concerned that it “normalized bestiality”.

Mr. Hooper’s statement serves to confirm what pro-family activists have long prophesied. That is, this new age of sexual libertarianism, which, amongst other things, allows for and normalizes homosexuality, will quickly become an age of ‘no-holds-barred’ in regards to sexual deviation unless a return to a proper understanding of sexuality is initiated.[11]

Publicly displayed bestiality artwork expected to fetch a price of around £30,000 in Britain

An exclusive British art gallery was criticised for displaying a highly offensive bestiality oriented painting which featured a goat just yards from The Ritz hotel and where it could be seen by children.[12]

In August of 2011 the British newspaper the Daily Mail ran a story entitled The explicit art that shows bestiality with a goat just yards from The Ritz which declared:

An exclusive art gallery has been criticised for displaying a highly offensive painting just yards from The Ritz hotel and where it could be seen by children.

Hotel guests were said to have been disgusted after seeing the image by the late British artist Robert Lenkiewicz – which depicts bestiality with a goat.

It was displayed on a revolving plinth in the front window of the Clarendon Fine Art gallery, around the corner from the five-star hotel in Piccadilly.

The picture – which is owned by a private collector and is expected to sell for around £30,000 – was still on display yesterday, although last night the gallery said it had been removed. [13]

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