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CPAC, Conservative Political Action Conference, has traditionally been the largest annual gathering of conservatives, but consisting of overwhelmingly male college students. CPAC meets in Washington, D.C., in February or March, with roughly 10,000 in attendance. In 2013, it meets in March 14-16.

Conferences cost money, and it has become increasingly difficult at CPAC for attendees to hear a socially conservative message. Students for Life, in contrast, sells out with its annual conference of 2000 students in D.C. in January, without the libertarian and big money dominance that increasingly plagues CPAC. But CPAC does remain a good counterweight to the neocons who dominate the Fox News Channel.

In 2010, the CPAC audience demonstrates its lack of social conservatism by ranking issues in the following importance:

85%: reducing government and government spending
10%: eliminating abortion
1%: stopping same-sex marriage

There was, however, virtually unanimous opposition among attendees to the policies of the Obama Administration.

Ron Paul won the straw poll among attendees for president in 2012, but Mitt Romney came in a close second. Romney won the Republican nomination for president, and then lost the general election.

Ronald Reagan Award

Each year the special Ronald Reagan Award is given to a rising star in the conservative movement, and there have been some tremendous recipients in the 1990s and 2000s. In 2010, this award went to the Tea Parties.


The following people did not speak at CPAC 2010:

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