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'''Cass Sunstein''' is a law professor, appointed regulatory "czar" in the [[Obama Administration]]. Though widely viewed as a [[liberal]], Sunstein has taken many [[moderate]] positions in line with [[strict construction|strict constructivism]] and supported the nomination of [[John G. Roberts]] to the Supreme Court.  Sunstein's precise role in the administration is as yet undefined, and as a czar, he is answerable to no one except the president, acting as part of the "shadow government" identified by [[Glenn Beck]].  Sunstein has little background in regulation, and his appointment appears to have been motivated by his ties to Obama through the [[University of Chicago]] law school.
Sunstein has radical [[libertarian]] views on [[marriage]].  He has urged that the government should not be in the business of licensing marriages. He recommends [[civil partnership]]s, which could be between any two people, whether gay or straight.  Sunstein also believes taxpayers should be forced to provide funding for [[abortion]], even if they have religious or moral objections to it.<ref>[http://www.wnd.com/index.php?pageId=113802]</ref>
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