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Claude Steiner is an important author and pioneer in the field of transactional analysis.


  • Negative reinforcement is known to be most effective in shaping avoidance behavior extremely resistive to extinction.
  • Because games, like eating junk food, are essentially bad habits based on poor learning experiences, they can be avoided and replaced with positive intimate interactions.
  • Games fend off intimacy and isolate us from the strokes we really want.
  • Getting out of the game by refusing to play any of the roles is the only workable choice.
  • I have never been able to help anyone who didn't sincerely ask for help and who wasn't willing to recognize and analyze his own behavior honestly.
  • The despair and hopelessness associated with their condition is dealt with by using alcohol as a sedative and mood elevator which gets them high, helps them forget their troubles, and makes life's daily difficulties bearable.
  • As long as the alcoholic drinks, the partner preserves the appearance of blamelessness, while both know that this is not true.
  • ...since alcoholism is a game rather than a disease, a person can choose not to play. ... If one believes that then one can also believe that alcoholics can permanently change their life - for the better.
  • I am in favor of tough mindedness but want to clarify that what I mean by I mean that working with alcoholics requires a clear, objective perception of the facts which at times is tough to maintain. But this needs to be coupled with a nurturing, loving outlook toward human beings