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A college is an institution of post-secondary education. Depending on whether the student selects one of the Worst College Majors, college can leave the student in suffocating debt and a brainwashing that will take decades to undo.

A college may be an independent organization, or one of many colleges (and often graduate schools) under the umbrella of a university system. In the United States, the word college is usually used to refer to university. However, in the United Kingdom and some former British territories, the word may used to denote a school for post-secondary, but non-degree education, defined as Further Education. Many UK secondary school students will go to a college (a Sixth Form College or a College of Further Education) after the age of 16, to study academic, business or vocational subjects up to pre-university level.

The word college is also used in a few non-educational applications, such as the Electoral College in the United States, the Royal College of Nursing in the United Kingdom, or the College of Cardinals at the Vatican.

Some colleges and professors have been known for their strong liberal biases, and for promoting liberal propaganda.[1]


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