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Below are some suggestions regarding letting more people know about Conservapedia:

Members of social networking sites

Are you a member of a social networking website like Myspace, Facebook, Friendster, Twitter, myIchthus, or MyChurch? Spread the word about Conservapedia!

Members of internet forums and discussion groups

Are you a member of a internet forum or discussion group? If you are a member of a internet forum or discussion group and see an article at Conservapedia that would be helpful to share with others then please share the article from Conservapedia to your fellow forum or discussion group members. Introducing a Conservapedia article into a forum or discussion group can often provide useful feedback in regards to a Conservapedia article in terms of providing useful changes. One of Conservapedia's most viewed articles was improved after it was introduced into some internet forums which provided quick feedback in regards to article content.

Suggestion to bloggers

Are you a blogger or do you participate in a blog? If you participate in blogs and see an article from Conservapedia that would be helpful to share with others then please share the article from Conservapedia to your fellow bloggers. The website Technorati is very helpful in regards to finding blogs about various subjects and also in regards to finding out what is going on in the blogging community.

Share with people articles that have been written about Conservapedia

There have been articles written by conservatives which have favorably mentioned Conservapedia. Please share these articles with your friends.

Tangle and YouTube fans

Are you active on Tangle or YouTube? Create a video on your experiences at Conservapedia!

Secondly, Conservapedia has launched a YouTube channel! The channel is located at conservapediavideos. Subscribe to the channel conservapediavideos today and tell all your friends to subscribe as well!

Share the following Conservapedia Video

Below is a video on Conservapedia that you can share with others:

Below is a videos on Conservapedia's evolution article:

Video which cites Conservapedia's evolution article:

Your email account

Would you like more people about Conservapedia, but are not on a email list? Not a problem! Email everyone in your contacts and tell them about Conservapedia. Provide a link to this page and let them know how they can spread the word about Conservapedia.

Email list subscribers

Are you on a email list? Please forward a message to your fellow subscribers inviting them to take part in Conservapedia or to look at our articles!

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