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Current TV is an (obscure) liberal cable "news" network founded by and partly owned by former vice-president and current global warming advocate Al Gore. It features an array of documentary programs, as well as a primetime and morning lineup of leftist political talk shows, added as Gore wanted to reboot the network as a news network. The evening pundits are liberal internet star Cenk Uyger, former New York governor Eliot Spitzer who replaced former Current shareholder, MSNBC pundit, and liberal Keith Olbermann, and former Democratic Governor of Michigan Jennifer Granholm. The morning lineup features simulcasts of the radio shows of Democratic politician Bill Press and liberal activist Stephanie Miller. Joy Behar hosts Joy Behar: Say Anything, which started in the fall of 2012, whose program preview replaced Spitzer's program for a week earlier that year.Morgan Spurlock of Super Size Me fame has also hosted a documentary series on the channel.

In 2013 Al-Jazeera bought Current TV.[1]