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Dan Savage is a columnist for the Seattle Stranger and has engaged in various campaigns to promote homosexuality and to smear conservatives and Christians.

Gary Bauer

In the year 2000, in revenge for comments Bauer made, Savage infiltrated Bauer's campaign with the intent to infect Bauer with the flu (which Savage had at the time) by doing such things as licking doorknobs he thought Gary Bauer may touch. [1] He also illegally voted in the Iowa caucus despite not being an Iowa resident, and was thus arrested on misdemeanor charges and sentenced to 50 hours of community service and a year's probation.[2][3]

Rick Santorum

After Santorum's statements on homosexuality[4] in 2003, Dan Savage urged his readers to find another, less flattering definition for "santorum." After such a definition was chosen, Savage created a site called spreadingsantorum.com (not appropriate) and had instigated a Google-bombing campaign placing it as the first result given for every search. Savage later instigated a similar but ultimately unsuccessful campaign against Rick Warren.

It Gets Better

After a spike in news reports on gay youth suicides, Dan Savage started the It Gets Better project. The point of the project is to make videos assuring gay youths that their lives will improve after high school and college, and that bullying experienced for being gay will subside or be overcome by positive experiences.

In January of 2012, Vox Day reported that two gay teens who had made videos It Gets Better Project died by suicide.(see also: Mental Health and Homosexuality).[5] Vox Day also indicated that it doesn't get better and that homosexuality is a deviate lifestyle that homosexual propagandist promote (see: Homosexuality and choice and Ex-homosexuals).[6]

The It Gets Better Project is currently a national embarrassment. In 2012, homosexual activist Dan Savage was supposed to deliver an anti-bullying message to high school students. However, as many as 100 students walked out on his speech as he shouted vulgarities about the Bible and mocked Christians. [7] It was reported that Savage engaged in verbal bullying as well. [7] Savage noted in his speech that anti-homosexual rhetoric often cites the Bible for its authority while ignoring the Bible's pro-slavery stance, and its ban on eating shellfish, two issues which are passed over in today's society.[8]

Personal life

An open homosexual, Savage was "married" in Vancouver to his long time partner Terry Miller, and they have an adopted son DJ.[9]

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