Debate:Is Obama being unfairly criticized, or is too much being expected of our new president?

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Unfairly Criticized

I believe so. He has only had a few months in office and he's already taking heat. Alex Jones, infamous/famous conspiracy theorist, has already released a film called "The Obama Deception" along with t-shirts commemorating the movie. -- GordonF 00:27, 15 March 2009.

Fairly Criticized

Much of the criticism directed at Obama, is because of Obama's actions. Sure, we Conservatives hate his policies, that is a given. But his deception, his outright false statements, his true intentions as a fellow human being are questioned. Are we all just sore losers? Hardly, we are fighters for good against evil. Controversy is what Obama enjoys as King and Messiah, controversy is what he forces upon all with renegade agenda. A perfect example is his birth certificate. One simply request, a show of transparency, reaching across to detractors- can't do America. That is his decision and that has been his policy. Give him more time? Too much expected? He was wrong on all major issues. We saw his past work, we know how he won, and we know his agenda. America was duped by Obama on soo many issues, they are only now starting to realize. --jpatt 01:46, 15 March 2009 (EDT)

You say this as if he's the one who's been running the country the past eight years. As for the birth certificate, has any president in history ever had to present their birth certificate? I'm not gonna pull the racial card because that has already been proven to not be the case. But the only reason there is so much criticism is because he's a Liberal and a Democrat. Face the fact that all politicians have their mishaps, problems and secrets. You will never find a perfect one. You will never find a president who has never had bad rep. Obama hasn't had enough time to be called "The Worst President Ever" (I'm quoting Alex Jones here). Another thing, he doesn't have to prove anything. The only way you'll prove he's not natural born (I'm not singling you out jpatt. There are others who think so too( is if you can find his "real" birth certificate saying he was born in another countrty. GordonF 18:40, 15 March 2009.