Debate:What is CP's position on Relativity? (and, in general, on physical sciences)

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As the title says, I don't understand what CP says about relativity. For example, the pages Physics and Counterexamples to relativity are not coherent at all. The former describes the most important physical branches and conceptual frameworks, including relativity, saying for example "The Standard Model of particle physics has been extremely successful insofar as it has been tested" (please note that the standard model is a relativistic field theory). In fact, this page shows that relativity is a successful theory, just as Relativity does. On the other hand, the latter contains critical sentences on relativity, most of them without citations. Should or shouldn't CP be coherent? If the answer is positive, which of the two pages should be modified?

There is currently a sort of "debate" in this talk page: I'm proposing corrections (with citations and all that stuff) to sentences incorrect and without citations, but no one is answering and I was warned not to correct the page without "consensus". A lot of people in the past tried to correct that page (much more people than people defending that page), but the situation has not changed for an year or so, mining CP's credibility.

Cordially, MM87 12:08, 12 August 2011 (EDT)