Debate: Can God explain all of the conspiracy theories and all other phenonmena?

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Can God tie all conspiracies theories together with all other phenomena. We can include Satanist, Ghosts, Mediums, Aliens, Aductions, JFK, RFK, Mind control etc. Can any another "theory"?

I believe God does and nothing else can. The Bible tell us of many coming things and when you look around they are everywhere. From ghost stories to alien abductions, where would these things come from? Science has some answers to the physical to a point but it stops short. It has no answers to the supernatural but denies it, even though there are many people that will testify for it. We still have not addressed presidential assassinations, other secret societies, and the list goes on. I do see this as the good/evil struggle as told in the Bible. How can we explain it all of it were not true?