Debate: Why do political views appear to be correlated with others?

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It appears to me that, at least to some extent, any paticular political view is correlated with any other. However, I am not entirely sure why this is.

The obvious explanations are:

Christianity But I don't think that this is as big a part of it as it appears. At least in the UK, religious issues play only a minor role, and yet a similar stucture (albeit pushed somewhat to the left) still arises.

Reasoning ability I won't express any opinion on which side is more rational(!), but this is equally facile. Not all views can be reduced to questions of reason. For instance, morality per se has no rational basis without religion, yet, as before, in the secular UK a certain structure does develop.

If anyone has anything interesting to add to this, please write it beneath. --Trinity123 11:13, 31 December 2008 (EST)