Debate: Why does God care if we worship Him or not? Is it His ego?

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I just thought it was strange that He would care whether or not we go to church and worship Him when He is all powerful. Surely He would just be happy with us living good lives and not require us to worship and believe in Him in order to get in to heaven when we die.

I find this question mostly offensive. The Devil believes in God but no way will Heaven accept the Devil. 'He is all powerful' think about it. God could have destroyed us all for our sins and started over but God loves us more than we know. We are alive thanks to God, we are here for God. It has nothing to do with ego and everything to do with love. --Jpatt 10:59, 6 May 2009 (EDT)
If we suppose ourselves to know the mechanisms of God, then why would it be still God? The answer is, we can't, and we probably are not supposed to know how God works. FrankK 19:02, 6 May 2009 (EDT)

Sorry, I am not trying to be offensive here. I am not questioning whether or not God is worthy of our praise and worship, the magnificence of His creation clearly demonstrates that He is. I merely have trouble with the idea that God would demand from us recognition of His great deeds, why would he be looking for anything in return from us when we were created, except for us to go about life in a just way. Why would God need our worship and praise when He knows Himself that He is right and doesn't need us to convince Him? His actions are selfless and out of love for us. Claiming that He cares about whether we worship Him or not implies that He acts not out of love for us but out of a love of being praised.

That is blasphemy. The Bible is clear that we are to praise the Lord for his love and creation. Do not presume to know the mind of God, for that is hubris. ISharma 14:52, 7 May 2009 (EDT)

The argument "God could have destroyed us but he didn't so we should love him" is like saying "My husband could have beaten me but he doesn't so I should love him" In other words, your love for god is based on threats that he may destroy you. And the statement made by FranK confirms why Creationism is not scientific. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by YesisLol (talk)

Wrong, your argument is baseless. God, didn't destroy us but could have IS NOT love him or fear him. It is God loves, in the natural order of the world, you love somebody when they love you back. It is a bond of love, a reciprocating love. Unless an atheist, then you just love yourself and your supposed brilliant mind. --Jpatt 16:32, 19 May 2009 (EDT)

Neither one of you is understanding this properly. God is not elevated if you worship Him, and He is not lessened if you don't. Remember the admonition Christ gave when asked what what thing a man should do: love God with all your heart and soul. There are not many legitimate frames of mind that a man can adopt when faced with his creator. He can adore Him and love Him. Or we can resent the hell out of Him. When we're talking about the infinite, there really isn't an in-between. The in-between you imagine (hang out, kind of acknowledge the big guy, playing it cool, but trying to remember to give Him a friendly nod when you see Him in the hallway) doesn't work. Casual respect is incompatible with genuine belief. Personally, I don't necessarily think that going to church is necessary. There are a bunch of churches I suspect do more harm than good, even. But worship itself is simply what you naturally do when you really believe. He doesn't care in the slightest that you join a throng and make noises, waving your hands in the air (actually He does, see Biblical references to "hypocrites"). It's the internal process that matter. Love Him with all your heart and soul. If you don't, it's not He who suffers. It's you. And it's not because He'll be ******. It's because you'll be totally unprepared to be in his presence. Retain your ego, you're desire to be His peer, and you're not going to be prepared for the infinite. (Because remember: you won't be the one who is infinite, but you'll be in His presence.) -Ronbo

Did you really join only to hammer out an unintelligible screed? For future writing, paragraphs are very important, you're is you are while your is a possessive pronoun. And do not use foul language on this site. DouglasA 11:21, 19 September 2009 (EDT)

Yes, this question could be considered offensive, but I think it can be healthy for us to realize the privilege of worship. Why does God care? My opinion is that we will worship SOMETHING. It could be our jobs, families, sports teams, and the list could go on. The truth is that where we spend our energy and focus our attention becomes a form of worship. Why worship God? Because, He is! It is not an ego with God. He created us with will and choice. Our choice to celebrate to no end when our favorite team wins the big game, memorize meaningless stats about our favorites players, or just learn all that we can about our favorite actors (actresses). The question is not about why does He care about the fact that He is worshiped, as much as He cares that we worship HIM. I think this is a healthy question, and one that is not blasphemous, but more inquisitive.

God created all of us and loves us. Either you believe that or the debate topic is nothing but an opportunity for you to take a pointless shot at other people's beliefs. God does not care if we worship him because he is insecure or not omnipotent, but because he is the cause of all that is and our worship of the divine creator is the natural and appropriate expression of our love and thankfulness for him and the world he created. The question asked in the debate topic is really silly - would you refuse to revere your mother and father for the gift of bringing you into the world? Would you refuse to thank a classmate for even a small gift? No. Only the truly arrogant and hopeless go through this world without the ability to be humble because of the gifts and accomplishments of others, both great and small. Regardless of how one worships, for one to refuse to love God for his gift to us is to exclude himself from being deserving of God's love. It's no different than what should happen if you fail to give the most basic courtesy of thanking your family for gifts they give - they won't give them anymore if you appear to be so self-entitled that you can't even express gratitude. I prefer to be thankful for all of the gifts I'm given and particularly reverent of a creator generous enough to create a world so rich and beautiful. Cambrian 14:16, 17 October 2009 (EDT)

Can people please stop misreading the question? The question is NOT asking why we should worship him. It is NOT asking how it benefits us. It is NOT saying we shouldn't worship God (so stop with all the 'you shouldn't worship him out of fear' etc. comments). It is asking if us worshipping God benefits God! <end rant> My answer: It's not our worship which he cares about, but our relationship with him. And our relationship (usually) includes worshipping him. - JamesCA, June 7 2011

To JamesCA: I agree that it seems that there is a lot of knee-jerk misreading of this question. Here is my answer to it: God wants us to worship Him, not because he has a fragile ego or anything like that. He wants us to worship him because through our devotion to Him, we move closer to him, we travel a path that returns us to him. In other words, He wants us to worship Him for our sake, not for His. I don't think it's for His benefit because God is infinite and doesn't need any benefits from us. I hope that helps.