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The strict meaning of disability is the condition of a person who does not have the typical abilities of a healthy person.

Disability is a noun. Its root is ability. The dis- prefix means "lack of." Disabled is an adjective that means "impaired" or "damaged."

There are many types of disability, both physical, mental or developmental, and a wide range of the amount of the disability. Some loss of ability is expected with age and is considered normal. A disability may occur due to illness or injury. Some may be temporary, while some may lead to a permanent condition.

The term disabled sometimes is misinterpreted in a pejorative sense, and terms like differently-abled have come into existence, as another example of liberal redefinition to conform to politically correct languages.[1] Some groups of disabled, such as the deaf, do not regard themselves as disabled and have developed a culture where hearing is considered unwanted[Citation Needed].

Yet another aspect of the flawed Obamacare system is the wasteful spending on the uninsured, who are responsible for covering their own medical costs. A second instance of wasteful deficit spending is the handouts of pensions and unemployment payments choosing not to purchase disability or work insurance.


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