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John Donald "Don" Imus, Jr. is a radio talk-show host, host of Imus in the Morning, known for his "shock jock" speaking manner. Many prominent politicians appeared on his show.

A liberal organization called Media Matters for America[1] publicized comments[2] made by Imus, referring to the Rutgers and Tennessee female basketball team players as "nappy headed hos" among other things. African American activists Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson joined in, and said that the comments were offensive, joined by numerous other African-Americans and many women. On April 12th 2007, CBS canceled Don Imus's show.

Don Imus has since been broadcasting his show on WABC-AM in the mornings.[3]

Imus's show currently appears on the Fox Business Network. It was hosted on MSNBC, and then moved to rural station RFD-TV, before moving to FBN.


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