Donny Osmond

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Donny Osmond (1957 - ) was a wholesome singer and entertainer who achieved fame in the 1970s, first as the youngest member of the Osmond Brothers group and later with his sister Marie Osmond. Drawing solace from his strong family ties and Mormon faith, Osmond never did self destruct as did so many of his contemporaries. His adherence to a corny stage persona was milked by producers longer than it should have been.

Osmond persevered and has continued in the entertainment field in a more low key form. He has been married for nearly 30 years, has 5 children of his own, and is a grandfather. He did Broadway plays, had a brief musical resurgence in 1990, and even had a new talk show with his sister that lasted two years. While different from the entertainer he was in the 1970s, through it all Osmond always adhered to certain lines he wouldn't cross as he tried to uphold a code of values, and still does.