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A double standard is a harsher or stricter attitude against someone else than one holds about himself or strangers. Causes of double standards include a lack of forgiveness and political bias.

Many people undergo dramatic life changes when they wake up to their own double standard, and recognize how they are:

  • holding conservatives to a higher standard than liberals
  • liberals are just fine with theories of conservative conspiracies, but decry any such claim against liberals as a "conspiracy theory"
  • getting angry when personally lied to, yet raising no objection to liberal deceit
  • believing what is taught by liberals in school before believing what is taught in the Bible
  • holding grudges against others who acted no worse than one's friends
  • disparage voters when liberals lose, but act like majority vote means something special when liberals win
  • immediately believe anything that is contrary to the Bible, yet reject numerous counterexamples to liberal theories
  • question the truth of what conservatives say, while rejecting any questions about the truth of the Democrat claim that Obama is a Christian

The son finally decides to return to his father in the Prodigal Son when he realizes that among the people he left his father for, "no one gave him anything," in contrast to his father's generosity. The son had been applying a double standard against his father, but no longer.

A useful approach to avoiding double standards in family situations is to "treat your friends like family, and your family like friends." Had the Prodigal Son done that, he never would have senselessly suffered as he did.

Double standard flow chart describing offensive remarks by politicians

Examples of liberal double standards include:

  • Wealth by a liberal, such as the tens of millions of dollars made by Al Gore and Bill Clinton, is just fine; but wealth by a Christian preacher is somehow unacceptable.
  • Evolution: Ardent supporters of the Theory of Evolution blindly accept any study that purportedly "proves" their theory, without addressing (or even allowing the criticism of) any flaws in such studies. But when it comes to alternative theories (whether it be Creationism, intelligent design, or something else), the same people immediately reject them without even studying the details.
  • Wikipedia is much harsher in describing conservatives and sites perceived to be conservative. Compare, for example, Wikipedia's entries on Conservapedia and Scholarpedia.
  • Liberals supported and participated in a prayer for the late Ted Kennedy led by the chaplain for the House of Representatives, which expressly and repeatedly referenced the Lord, yet the same liberals insist on the censorship of classroom prayer.[1]



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