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This is a 15-week course. These lectures are self-explanatory and no textbook is required. This course covers all the material in a standard microeconomics course, including supply and demand, elasticity, comparative advantage, opportunity cost, marginal revenue and marginal cost, utility, government regulation, and even more sophisticated concepts like the Coase Theorem, Giffen goods, and the social loss imposed by a monopoly.

Among over 70 students who have taken this course, 100% of those who took the CLEP exam passed it to qualify for college credit.

Lecturer: Andy Schlafly, B.S.E. (Princeton), J.D. (Harvard Law School), teacher of over 185 homeschooled teenagers since 2002.
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This is an improved version of the course taught in 2007. For the benefit of the students, the model answers from 2007 are included below. These will help students who might be struggling with some of the concepts.

Online enrollment or questions can be asked here.